Poker hands in order: how to remember everything

Some newbies are afraid to start playing Texas Hold’em and other Poker variants as they find that it is too difficult to keep in mind all combinations, foresee possible combinations that the rest cards can make and remember their ranking. In reality, everything seems to be too difficult only in the beginning. If a player sits down, takes a table depicting the best Poker hands in order pictures and starts playing, all this information will be kept in mind almost “automatically”.

Poker hands in order and the game rules

Before the player starts learning everything about Poker hands (the word “hand” stands for the “combination”), he has to understand the game essence. The goal of each one here is to collect 5 cards that can form a certain combination, which will be better than the set of the opponent’s (or a dealer’s) cards. To do it, some rules must be considered:

  • The deck has 52 cards with no Jokers (in classic game variants);
  • Suits are almost never taken into account;
  • The final number of cards that make a hand is 5;
  • If no meaningful Poker hands in order combinations are formed, the highest card is considered);

Players, especially, professionals, can bluff — pretend they have a strong hand to make a rival pass.

Hands in Poker

Royal Flush is the best combination of the winning Poker hands in order. This is a single hand that can be collected so rarely that if one gets this stuff; it is the greatest luck ever. To get it, the gambler must have 5 same-suit cards from 10 to A. Other meaningful combinations of the cards (descending order) are as follows:

  • Straight Flush. In this case, five cards that have one suit and go in order are considered. The example is 7, 8, 9, 10, J (any suits, Diamonds, Heats, etc.).
  • Four of a Kind
  • The hand has four cards that have one and the same rank (4 Deuces, for example);
  • Full House. It is formed by 3 one-rank + 2 one-rank cards (3 Jacks plus 2 Deuces, for instance).
  • Flush. To get it, the player must get any five cards which have the same suit.
  • Straight. It is formed when any suit cards come in order: 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 (black and red cards are involved).
  • Three of a Kind. If any 3 cards of one rank (suit does not play any role) are collected, the rest 2 ones do not mean.
  • 2 Pairs. This is a simple hand that is 2 cards of 1 rank (Queens, for example) and 2 cards of another rank (6+6) appear.
  • Pair. Here, 1 pair of cards that have one rank is considered.

This is the classic (Hold’em) order of hands in Poker, but other games variants with varieties exist as well.

Those, who want to win, should practice as often as they can. This is the best way to remember Poker hands in order and start winning more often.



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